• Arts Campus

    Theatre, gallery, ballroom, lecture hall, and social gathering spot

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  • Creativity & Collaboration

    Fostering arts and culture through purposeful programming

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  • Historic Preservation

    Historic Boxwood Hall will be lovingly preserved and serve as a new art gallery

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Boxwood Arts is an "arts campus" like no other. It is a theatre, gallery, ballroom, lecture hall, and social gathering spot, nestled in a picturesque historic park where actors, musicians, speakers writers, artists and directors can celebrate their craft while entertaining audiences from South Jersey and beyond.

The proposed theatre will be nestled on the property in a way that is considerate of the neighborhood. The natural woods will be protected and preserved, as will the historic home.on the property in a way that is considerate of the neighborhood. The natural woods will be protected and preserved, as will the historic home.


As the Boxwood Arts momentum continues to grow, we want to make sure that the community always has up-to-date information. The fact sheet below addresses some of the questions and responses about the project.

Download the Fact Sheet

Historic Preservation


Boxwood Hall




Boxwood Gardens

Protect and Preserve

The heritage-protected building built by Elizabeth Haddon's nephew John Estaugh Hopkins in 1799, and known as Boxwood Hall, will be lovingly preserved and maintained and serve as a 1,500 SF art gallery for the Markeim Arts Center on the first floor with new HVAC and LED lighting. Administrative offices will be above.

The green space behind Boxwood Hall, referred to as Boxwood Gardens and described as "overflowing with Haddonfield history," would be lovingly preserved and made accessible to the public for cultural purposes and conserved as educational resource for present and future generations.


Design Features


World Class Lighting and Acoustics

ballroom dancing

4,000 square-foot ballroom


Catering-ready kitchen facilities


  • 365-seat theater with world-class lighting and acoustics.
  • 4,000 square-foot ballroom with high ceilings, and an expansive cushioned dance floor.
  • Catering-ready kitchen facilities with adjacent meeting, social and gathering spaces.
  • Glass-enclosed lobby and information center connects the gallery to the theater for stunning aesthetics and minimal environmental impact.
  • Exterior gathering spaces with gardens, pathways, decorative lighting and benches.

Inclusive Design

Patrons with special needs will find sloped walkways and circulation patterns easily navigable. Assistive and accessible technology will enable those with special hearing and vision needs to enjoy all performances. Seating layouts will accommodate wheelchairs comfortably. Programming such as wheelchair dancing, for example, will encourage use of the facility by all.

Creative Collaboration


On its multi-faceted, conveniently located campus, Boxwood Arts will foster the arts and culture through purposeful, innovative, and entertaining programming. It will facilitate social interaction and help develop community. And it will give audiences and participants a variety of opportunities to be part of something wonderful during each and every visit.

The Boxwood concept is being developed by a team of respected community leaders and established arts organizations. Haddonfield Plays & Players has been attracting patrons and performers from throughout the Delaware Valley since 1934. The Markeim Arts Center is celebrating 60 years of fine arts and cultural programming for southern New Jersey. USA Dance - Delaware Valley Chapter has been enabling couples and singles to get swept away every week since 2000.

Economic & Community Impact

The Boxwood Arts campus will have a major positive impact on the region. Studies show that each dollar invested in the arts generates $8 for the regional economy.

“A high-quality, multi-purpose venue like Boxwood Arts, with easy access from highways and public transportation, would be an economic boon for South Jersey tourism.”

-- Devon Perry, Executive Director, Visit South Jersey

Letters of Support


We are striving to make this an arts campus unlike any other in the region. We have been working with several major arts organizations in and around the Delaware Valley. Many have already come out and supported our efforts. To read some of these letters of support in their entirety, click on the links below.


General Information

(856) 528-4536 • info@boxwoodarts.org • 14 Kings Highway West, Suite 109 • Haddonfield, NJ 08033

Press and Community Relations:

Megan York-Parker • info@boxwoodarts.org

Donations, Gifts and Naming Opportunities:

Nancy Weber• nancy@boxwoodarts.org

Support Boxwood Arts

Volunteer Your Time:http://bit.ly/2oH5svC

Become our Friend:facebook.com/boxwoodarts


Executive Committee:

Dave Stavetski, Chairman • Lee Albright • Tish Colombi • Maureen Eyles • Bob Hochgertel • David Hunter • Joseph Murphy • Jack O’Malley • Jennifer O’Neill • Kate Sozio